Loving County TX , smallest
Scott Camp at Duncan, OK
Eddie Mena, Tuscon contact
Courage! Power, one prayer.
  • Re-opening of another empty church building 423 N. Ross Street, Sapulpa, OK Sunday evening Oct. 29, 2017. Pray for this effort.
  • IFCB businessmen meet to share ways to put Christ into their work. Dec. 16, 2016
  • Darrell Black, our contact in The FL panhandle on mission in India in June.
  • Keith Wheeler , cross bearer across 200 nations with Jack and Hany Keylada of Egypt together after a Tulsa Gideons meeting ^/4/16.
  • Dr. Robbins speaking to bowl bound the Tulsa University Football team.
  • First Sunday morning at restart of The Church at Lakeview Heights on Nov. 1 2015
  • Library at Northeastern Baptist College in Bennington, Vermont where Dr. Robbins spoke Nov.13, 2014
  • Dr. Robbins at football practice Tulsa U. Aug 2014
  • Dr. Robbins meeting with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at Tulsa University Aug. 26, 2014, impacting sports.
  • Reclaim America Conference at FBC, Moore, OK in July 23, 2014 with Paul Blair speaking.
  • Convoy of Hope school supplies distribution event in Sapulpa, OK Aug. 13,2014
  • Rebuild Ministry's current project making good progress.
  • Ordination of Sheldon McLeod and Chris Robbins at the Annual Meeting Jan 10,'14
  • Group picture, LOVEM Annual Meeting 1/11/14 in Lake Worth TX.
  • Joe Palmer leading a weekly prayer group in Creek County, OK.
  • The Nepal Team has returned with glowing stories. 6 28 2013
  • Wonderworks Nepali style: Elation over having one sheet and crayons for each child 6 22 2013
  • Lori playing baseball with Nepalese orphan. We introduced baseball and sent the equipment. Velma Baptist sent funds for the orphanage home.
  • On Mission in Nepal, adopted by Stephens County OK, Lori Deevers and Becky Graves, June 21, 2013, working with Bishwa Dev Kahka.
  • Dr. Robbins, Ginnie, their 4 children and their families
  • Gary Dempsey, DOM and Marshall County contact, with Dr. Anthony Jordan, BGCO Director, and Dr. Robbins,OK Evangelism Conference, Feb. 2013
  • Leadership in Warren AR for a Convocation there in 2009
  • Conference in Freedom Baptist Church, Rockingham, NC
  • Local Donut Shop gets Christian encouragment regularly, impacting community businesses.
  • Christian Businessmen meet weekly in Tulsa OK
  • Christians must work together to have an impact on our culture.
  • Intense united prayer makes a difference in Bibb County AL
  • Youth in prayer in Sulphur Springs, TX Awakening Conference
  • From New England (this group) to Colorado affecting awakening in America.


Changing our Country one County at a Time

To Change our World One Country at a Time


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2020 Vision For America
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  • Dr. Robbins Relocating to NC

    Dr. Robbins in recent days has felt led to relocate from Tulsa, OK to NC. Both he and his wife, Ginnie, are native Tarheels and spent 12 years in Raleigh planting Open Door Church there. He plans to intensify work among the 100 contacts we have for the 2020 Vision, do pulpit supply and possibly interim pastoring.

    Being especially close to the baseball headcoaches at UNC and Campbell he hopes to encourage their programs and be a volunteer chaplain occasionally. He loves working with FCA. 

    He looks forward to encouraging the efforts of Pillar Network at Open Door, a nationwide network of church planters and revitalizers.

    Somewhere between Raleigh and Fayetteville is where he is looking. It will take several months to find a place and settle things in Tulsa. Mid summer 2018 would the earliest he can anticipate moving.

    He requests your prayers for guidance and open doors as he makes the transition.

    Pray for the two churches that we are seeking to re-start here in Tulsa to progress to the point where they are stable.

  • Trip to Israel planned for December 2018

    Bro. Larry Jordan and Dr. Jack Robbins have reserved 55 tickets for another Israel trip December 4-15, 2018 at an even better price than last year, $2495 from Newark, NJ and $2695 from D-FW, especially for those who can fly out of Dallas.  Al Nucciarone, of Jerusalem Baptist Church, will again be the guide and accomodations will be in Bethlehem, as before.

    Some new sites will be  a part of the agenda.

    You have a year to get ready!  The list is filling up. Get your name in the pot by making a deposit of $250 to

    Larry  Jordan at PO Box 1353, Sulphur Springs, TX 75482 or

    LOVEM MInistries PO Box 9573 Tulsa OK 74157-0573

    For more information call

    Larry at 903-243-2430 or

    Jack Robbins at 918-728-0858



  • Latest Developments

    2020 Vision for America Continues to Grow

    New Counties in January, 2017

    Total (2008-2017—664 in 50 states)


    New Friends/Contacts Who Joined Us for Spiritual Awakening in the USA


    We have contacts in 57 counties now, in Alabama

    100 in North Carolina, and 77 in Oklahoma



    Help us find Friends/Contacts like YOU in any county in the United States of America.

    We have CONTACTS in 664 counties

    Total Number of USA Counties—3,141

    The  Journey of a 1000 Miles begins with the 1st step—Inch  by inch-it’s a cinch—yard by yard—it’s HARD.